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Twiland is a term that I coined for those thin places where the spiritual realm meets this world.  The Irish call the places where people experience visions or such as “thin places.”  I have had some experience with this spiritual guidance.  It is kinda like a term that was coined by psychiatrist Jung, synchronicity, to describe the effect of non-casual events on a person.  We understand the concept of cause-and-effect, but how do we explain an effect that has no apparent cause?  Anyway, I took twilight that is the time between day and night and adapted it to Twiland to describe the place between heaven and earth.  It is a place where God and man communicate more directly, such as when God “talked” with the prophets of the Old Testament.  It is a place where man can learn the “jargon” of God and come to know some of the secrets of The Natural Law of God.

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  1. Dan June 12, 09:59

    congrats on the website!

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  2. Dan June 12, 10:34

    Congrats on the website! I’m from Alberta Canada and I look forward to listening to your updates on the John Moore show.

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  3. Mel July 18, 10:41

    As always, your work educates and inspires one to wake up to that which goes on all around us. Thank you

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  4. Hawkeye December 6, 17:48

    We have a front row seat to the greatest show ever.

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  5. bcreamer September 16, 22:21

    HI Ms. Morrison,

    Your insight has brought many a conversation to our dinner table! I love your content and research. Great job! I know what it is like to do such research. I am a Bible teacher and I spend hours upon hours research data to ensure my students are getting the complete Word of God. Currently I am teaching through the Book of Revelation and after 37 weeks, I am up to chapter 20. I am finally getting near the end! I have learned so much about History and the future thanks to this study and your new briefs often coincide with the events leading up to the end. Sounds miserable, right? Ha-ha!

    Anyway, just wanted to encourage you and tell you what a great job you do. Keep up the great work!

    God bless,


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    • Ann Morrison September 21, 19:33

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, it is a lot of work, but I need to warn people on how to survive what is coming.

      I am studying Isaiah.



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